Southeast Sulawesi

So, here’s the story, I travelled faraway to the East side of Indonesia.. Took a first flight from Soekarno Hatta International Airport to Haluoleo Kendari Airport.. Nice airport tho’ for a small city.. Theres a lot rental car standby in Haluoleo Kendari, so don’t worry, you can always find a ride anytime your plane landing..


HALUOLEO KENDARI Airport, Southeast Sulawesi


Although my sleepy head need some rest, I just can’t resist to open my eyes to enjoy the view.. All the way seven to eight hours trip from Kendari the capital of Southeast Sulawesi province to Morowali one of the district in the provinces of Central Sulawesi, you can enjoy a beautiful scenery.. U can see a lot palm oil plantations, sea, mining and a beautiful butterfly in the forest as go to Morowali..


Oil Palm Plantation, Southeast Sulawesi


Sea, Along the Way Kendari Southeast Sulawesi to Morowali Central Sulawesi


Mining Port (Jetty)


Beautiful Butterfly

As far as I am concerned, some part of the road between Kendari to Morowali still needs the local government attention.. Well, I’m saying..

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